Efforts are Appreciable- Performance is Rewarding

Efforts are Appreciable- Performance is Rewarding

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A sales person make efforts day and night, but cannot touch his target point, while another sale person of the same team exceeds in sales target during his game of the golf only; who deserves the reward?

If the universe and its creations are analyzed from an artistic, scientific, architectural, management, philosophical or scholarly perspective, the answer would be unanimous- PERFECT- MARVELLOUS-MIRACULOUS.

The scientists believe that the human evolution has taken around six million years. The human existence, the supreme creation of the universe as is generally assumed is around two hundred thousand years old. Since then, efforts for the betterment are going on.

Spouses are making efforts to make their marital relationship more romantic and harmonious. Parents are trying hard for the best development of their children. Children are trying hard to do best for the parents. All, the siblings, students-teachers, employers-employees, governments-politicians, environmentalists, social activists, preachers, etc. are making efforts for the betterment of the human lives.

Despite all the best intentions and efforts, “you don’t value my dedication” is a common complaint by everyone, in the families and  the organizations as well. Similarly, the governing bodies also complain.

A considerable number of people die or suffer from malnutrition or cannot fulfil their basic needs, i.e. the food and health care.  The majority of the people have to struggle hard for their survival. Souring relationships are on the rise. Human values are going out of the lives. Global warming is engulfing us. So on and so forth.

The micro level analysis reveals that a high percentage of the elite class of the people are leading a miserable life. There are an uncountable number of examples available about their mental health, suicides, personality disorders, addiction, etc.

It is not believable that this kind of human life would have been the objective of the creation of the universe or the human beings. As per the Christian belief, Adam and Eve, the first couple did not obey God, and the objective of their creation was defeated.

All the cited examples clearly establish that the  desired objective has not been accomplished irrespective of the dedicated efforts made towards it.

That’s why don’t qualify the test of the performance. Hence, cannot be rewarded. However, the hard work and dedicated efforts, of all those who have contributed to a cause cannot be neglected and deserve for a gratitude.

Efforts Are Appreciable-Performance Is Rewarding

Consultant Deepak
Founder Prana
Conscious Life Management Approach