Tips and Quotes by Consultant Deepak

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Anger, Ego and Hatred are the best friends of each other, and usually live together. (क्रोध, अहंकार और घृणा एक दूसरे के सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हैं, और आमतौर पर एक साथ रहते हैं)

Families and organizations, who encourage participative management culture, prosper more and face the adversities more successfully.

Mental Health can never be maintained without being Emotionally Healthy.

If Stress, Anxiety, Depression (SAD), suicidal tendency, anger and other personality disorders are dealt from a management perspective instead of medical or psychological perspective, the sufferers would come forward pleasantly and results will be far better.

Effective management, synchronization and integration of all the 5 pillars of life is a must to enjoy the real success and the wellbeing.

Wish my parents, teachers or preachers had taught me, even a little, about CONSCIOUS LIFE MANAGEMENT, I would have committed lesser mistakes and could explore the potential of my life better. Still, at the age of fifty- nine, I don’t find it late.

Word management and its applications have always been considered for professional purposes only and have never been holistically connected with life. That’s why the outcome is miserable life and miserable society at large.

Family is an organization and organization is a family. Both needs effective conscious management to flourish.

Only inner peace and inner joy can bring peace and joy out.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) are life management disorders in maximum number of the cases, not a disease or psychological or mental disorders.

Negative Stress, if transformed into positive stress can do wonders in life.

It is not long working hours or workload which gives stress; It is mismatch between work and aptitude.

Stress can never be managed, one has to manage self.

Most of the CEOs and HR personnel, who leads the organization also suffer with personal, family or organizational stress, and are inadvertently a major cause of  organizational underperformance .

Conflict is never among people, it is only in their perception and beliefs.

The universe is a live demonstration of a perfect management system. A lot could be learnt from universal management system for managing human life efficiently, and to explore the full potential of life joyfully and peacefully, individually and collectively.

The most surprising fact of this universe is that the most privileged, most knowledgeable, most religious and most spiritual creation, i.e. the human being, is leading the most miserable and most discontented life, in comparison to the other creations of the universe. In addition, this privileged creation is the only creation, breaking the rules of the universe and damaging it too.

State of Wellbeing can only be accomplished through efficient and effective life management not through any religion or faith. However,religion or faith might be helpful, if are perceived and applied in their true sense.